Different Body Shapes (women)

Hey everyone!

Today my first post will include one of the basic fashion topic ie different body shapes. We all have different heights, skin, hair, features and body types. In women there are mainly four body types.

  1. Pear 2) Apple 3) Rectangle 4)Hourglass

Image result for rectangle shaped body illustrations



Image result for pear body shape


Pear body shape characteristics

  • Narrow shoulders with a smaller bust
  • Well defined waist
  • Full hips and thighs
  • Round bottom
  • Ratio 3:2:4 (bust:waist:hips)


Your dressing forte

  • Wide V or U, ruffle, boat, cawl necklines
  • High waisted pants and skirts
  • A line dresses or skirts
  • Wide leg or straight leg jeans and pants
  • Shoulder bags
  • Scarves and necklaces

Distance yourselves from

  • Baggy tops and tunics
  • Low waisted skinny jeans
  • Pencil, mermaid skirts
  • Low cut dresses



Image result for apple body shape

apple body shape characteristics

  • Average to big bust
  • broad shoulders
  • narrow hips
  • good legs
  • ratio 4:4:3 (bust:waist:hips)

Your dressing forte

  • V and wide necklines
  • Empire top cut and dresses
  • Knee length A line dresses
  • Bootcut and straight jeans plus pants
  • dangly earrings
  • handbags
  • wedges

Distance yourselves from

  • High waisted pants and skirts
  • Bodycon
  • Shapeless boxy clothes
  • shoulder bags
  • Tired, gathered, ruffled skirts



Image result for banana body shape celebrities

rectangle body shape characteristics

  • Small to average bust
  • undefined waist
  • straight hips
  • not many curves
  • ration 3:3:3 (bust:waist:hips)

Your dressing forte

  • off shoulder, scoop, round necklines
  • pencil and tulip skirts
  • skinny jeans
  • belts
  • cropped pants and trousers

Distance yourselves from

  • crop tops
  • square necklines
  • baggy clothes
  • straight dresses and skirts
  • slouchy dresses



Image result for hourglass shaped body

Hourglass shape body shape characteristics

  • full bust
  • defined waist
  • balanced shoulder and hips
  • curvy body
  • ration 4:2:4 (bust:waist:hips)

Your dressing forte

  • scoop, V, sweetheart necklines
  • Wrap tops and dresses
  • peplum dresses, skirts, tops
  • bootcut straight jeans and pants
  • bodycons

Distance yourselves from

  • High necklines
  • low rise jeans
  • tops with bows and ruffles
  • straight tunics
  • empire cut tops and dresses


Well the above post is to understand your body better and to enhance your looks. Yet again wear whatever you want to, size is just a number. If you have found this helpful please let me know!!


-Gaurika Taneja


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